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Audible Architecture (1994)


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Bob Belden

Although Tim Hagans is rightly thought of as a veteran hard bop player, his adventurous spirit has led to him playing pretty freely on this CD. The programming is quite admirable, with three pianoless trios followed by four quartet numbers (that also include tenor saxophonist Bob Belden) alternating with separate trumpet-bass ("You Don't Know What Love Is") and trumpet-drums ("Drum Row") duets before a brief unaccompanied trumpet solo closes the set. At times (particularly on "Jasmine in Three" and "Audible Architecture," a pair of his seven originals) Hagans almost sounds like Don Cherry with technique. Of the highlights, "I Hear a Rhapsody" sets the stage, the loose funk played by bassistLarry Grenadier and drummer Billy Kilson (two underrated talents) on "Garage Bands" accompanies the improvised interplay of the horns, Bob Belden is quite memorable (particularly on "Shorts"), and the trumpet-drums duet comes off quite well. Actually there is not a throwaway track among the ten, with Tim Hagans in prime physical and creative form. Highly recommended.