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At This Point In Time (1973)


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This 1973 album features the legendary jazz drummer Elvin Jones in a rather unique musical setting. Joined by a large band (not to be mistaken with what is known in jazz as a "big band"), Jones knocks down the walls that separate jazz from rock, jazz from avant garde, and jazz from the generic "jam band" music that blossomed in the 1960's. That said, Jones' group consists of three saxophonists, a guitarist, pianist/keyboardist, bass, and four percussionists in addition to himself on drum set.


AT THIS POINT IN TIME is essentially jazz fusion. This music is an expansion of Jones' post-1966 groups using typically modal material. The music is strongly groove oriented, and attempts to use early drums machines (called rhythm boxes) and Moog synthesizers to augment the group's already huge sound. Percussionist Omar Clay's composition "Pauke Tanz" is memorable because of the vast array of electronically created sound effects. Also, Frank Foster's "The Unknighted Nations" is interesting because of its funky beat and electrifying keyboard solo by Jan Hammer. However, the highlight is definitely the lengthy (and virtuosic) drum solo that Jones takes on his wife's composition "Don't Cry."