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Memorias Cronicas E Declaracoes De Amor Textos, Pr (2000)


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Marisa Monte

On this album, the always correct Marisa Monte preferred to stick to pop grooves, instead of the strong adherence to Brazilian rhythms heard in some of her previous albums. There are exceptions, though. "Abololô" is an exquisite rendition for a beautiful melody in a typical Northeastern modal scale (Lydian b7), which sounds pretty exotic, haunting in a sad piano backing, and shocking with the expectation of a full-steam percussive regional, representing a welcome expansion of the tradition. Also in the same vein, "Para Ver As Meninas," a wonderful samba by Paulinho da Viola, receives a treatment where typical cavaquinhos and cuícas coexist with Jaques Morelembaum's cello and a stylized percussion.Nelson Cavaquinho/Guilherme DeBrito's "Gotas de Luar" gets a straightforward samba rendition where Monte's sensitive voice is backed simply by a traditional samba violão and jazzy guitar counterchants. In an album dedicated to love, accordingly, one can find the romantic ballads "Amor I Love You," which has an excerpt of Primo Basílio (Eca de Queiroz) read by the former Titãs Arnaldo Antunes, "O Que Me Importa," and her "Gentileza." Also, the romantic song "Perdão Você" and the romantic Olodum (is there such a thing?) "Tema de Amor." The rest of the 13 songs are in medium tempo funk/soul or Olodum-like.