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“Sonacy” is the undefined, unexplained derivative of sound - a melodic experience without conformity or the neat packaging of category. Much too expansive to explain, it just is.  Born from a collision of sound and matter, it is the place where musical performance elevates to a transformative spiritual experience. Pushing past earthly conventions and into the unknown, sonacy alludes to the supreme, transcendent power that exists at the intersection of every musical tradition.

It is this sound and its creators that have been the heart of REVIVE’s mission for almost a decade.  Captained by founder Meghan Stabile, the organization has been the nucleus of one of the most important artistic advocacy initiatives of this era.  Stabile’s distinct skills as a concert producer and promoter, coupled with the artistic purview of trusted musicians have birthed a brand of unique, genre-bending experiences.  These events have positioned REVIVE as the fearless champion of virtuosity and allowed Stabile to shape a movement.