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Best-remembered as the composer of "Lover Man," Ram Ramirez was a fine pianist quite capable of playing in swing, bop and trad settings. Ramirez, who grew up in New York City, started on piano when he was eight and was a professional five years later. Early on, Ramirez worked with the Louisiana Stompers, Monette Moore (1933), Rex Stewart, the Spirits of Rhythm (1934) and Willie Bryant (1935). He visited Europe with Bobby Martin's group (1937-39), had his own band back in New York and then worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Frankie Newton and Charlie Barnet (1942). After a second stint with Newton, Ramirez played with the John Kirby Sextet in 1944.

He mostly led his own trio from the mid-1940's on and began doubling on organ in 1953. Ramirez was active into the 1970's (playing with the Harlem Blues and Jazz Band during 1979-80), becoming semi-active in the 1980's and never gaining much fame except among knowledgeable musicians. Through the years Ram Ramirez led sessions for Gotham (1946), Super Disc (1947), Black & Blue (1960), RCA (1966) and Master Jazz (1973-74). ~ Scott Yanow