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Latin jazz pianist Chano Dominguez makes post-bop, fusion, and flamenco influenced music that often references his Andalusian roots. Born in Cadiz in 1960, Dominguez started playing flamenco guitar around age 8 before moving on to the piano. In his twenties he formed the progressive Latin rock ensemble CAI who released three albums for CBS. After the group disbanded in 1981, Dominguez pursued a solo career. He quickly garnered several awards for his innovative mix of flamenco and jazz, including winning First Prize in the National Jazz Competition for Young Interpreters in 1992. A year later, he released his debut solo album, Chano and relocated to New York City. Since then he has released a steady stream of forward-thinking, cross-cultural albums including 1997's En Directo, 2001's I Si!, 2002's Hecho a Mano, 2004's Dawn That Dream, 2006's Acercate Mas, 2007's New Flamenco Sound, and 2008's Cuentos del Mundo. In 2012, Dominguez released Flamenco Sketches, a re-visionising of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and more. ~ Matt Collar